PD100 Time Recorder

PD100 Time Recorder

Entry Level Electric Time Recorder

  • Just plug it in, set the time and go.

  • Accepts all common time cards and most standard documents.

  • Backed by a full one year warranty.

  • Priced to fit any business budget.

PD100 A Straightforward, No Frills Time Stamp

If you just need to record time for payroll, job costing or document control without spending a fortune on complicated features you'll never use, the value-priced PD100 is for you.

The PD100 sets up in minutes. Just plug it in, set the time, and you're ready to go.

A red guide mark on the side helps insure your document is properly aligned. Then with a quick press of the button, the clock prints day, hours and minutes. Easy!

This product carries a full one year manufacturer's warranty. Product dimensions: 5.25 H x 4.75 W x 9.75D.

Features & Benefits

  • Value-priced, so you can afford to install clocks where ever you need them.
  • It's easy to get started with this clock. It comes with a pre-inked ribbon already installed. Just plug it in, set the time, and you're ready to go.
  • A handy red guide mark makes it easy for you to properly align documents.
  • This versatile time stamp accepts a wide range of cards and paper types. Use it to record time on standard time cards, job cost sheets or most other documents.
  • Prints day, hours and minutes, perfect for a variety of applications: time and attendance, job costing, document tracking and more.
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Please note: Factory-refurbished PD100 time stamps are available.

Order PD100 Time Recorder and Accessories

PD100 Time Recorder $217.00   Call for availability
Ribbon: PD122 $20.00

Time Cards: Weekly (box of 1,000) $42.50

PD100 keys $10.00

Time Card Rack: 25 Pocket, Expanding $32.00

Time Card Rack: 25 Pocket, Style 175 $40.00


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