AcroTime® Suite

AcroTime® Suite

Cloud Based Workforce Management

  • Easy set up

  • Rapid implementation

  • No IT support needed

  • Economical, pay-as-you-go

  • Seamless, end-to-end workforce management

Here are just a few ways AcroTime helps your business:

  • No installation, no maintenance:
    All you need is an Internet connection and a browser to get started. Software upgrades, ongoing maintenance and basic support are all included in the low monthly fee. If your business has limited or no on-site IT department, AcroTime could be the time and attendance solution you've been looking for.

  • Kind to your bottom line:
    Nominal start up costs and low pay-as-you-go monthly fees make AcroTime an affordable solution for your business. AcroTime is an especially great fit if you have a seasonally variable workforce or if you employ temporary workers — charges are based only on your active employees enrolled in the system. You won't pay full-time for software capacity you only use part of the time.

  • Access anytime, anywhere:
    AcroTime is also ideal for businesses with distributed or mobile workforces or multiple locations. Employees can clock in and out and supervisors can run reports virtually anywhere they have Internet access, while administrators can easily track time and process payroll company-wide.

  • Complete workforce management: In addition to time & attendance tracking, AcroTime includes options for complete workforce management, including scheduling, payroll and HR tools such as applicant tracking, benefits administration and performance management. Choose one, any or all to meet your needs. The AcroTime Workforce Managment Suite makes enterprise-quality workforce management available and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

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Features & Benefits

AcroTime Time & Labor [ Learn more ]

+ Flexible Payroll Rules

Adapts to the way you do business. You can configure up to five employee types that follow different sets of rules from the rules engine (i.e. hourly, salaried, union, non-union, temp, etc.) and thirty pay categories (for instance, 10 work, 10 time off and 10 extra pay) to accommodate your specific needs.

+ Suitable for Hourly and Salaried Employees

Record hours worked, sick time, vacation, holidays and other absences. Use the hours worked to calculate pay for your overtime-eligible employees, and track attendance for your salaried exempt workers. All your employees can use AcroTime.

AcroTime Time & Labor Management Platinum adds employee self-service capabilities. Employees can request time off and supervisors can easily review and approve requests online. It's quick, easy and convenient.

+ Variety of Payroll Options

Calculate and export time records to most popular payroll software and services including QuickBooks®, ADP® and PayChex®, or use the seamlessly integrated AcroTime Payroll for single-log-in, single-database convenience. No more manual tallying of work time and no more keypunching means you can eliminate clerical errors and save hours on your payroll processing, every pay cycle..

AcroTime Scheduling [ Learn more ]

+ On-demand visibility into workforce schedules

Employees can view their schedule from a desktop computer or an Apple, Android or Windows mobile device for maximum flexibility and convenience.

+ Improve scheduling efficiency

Look at past schedules and apply lessons learned to make better future decisions. Coverage maps quickly pinpoint open shifts that still need to be filled. Automated alerts notify you when schedules exceed budget limits.

+ Better manage your labor spend

Easily build accurate schedules that align staff coverage with anticipated demand. Automatically sort through employees based on predefined criteria — availability, skills, company policies, union rules, labor laws and more — so you can assign the right person to each position.

AcroTime Payroll [ Learn more ]

+ Security profiles

Security Profiles give you the ability to customize unlimited levels of access, which is particularly important when it comes to sensitive payroll information. The spectrum is virtually limitless: Have your payroll administrator view and edit information while your HR team has view-only capabilities.

+ Calculations As-You-Go

Calculations-as-You-Go puts an end to the payroll waiting game. No preprocessing steps are needed in order to preview pay statements for employees prior to finalization. This feature provides statements and essential reports in real time, without the need to conduct traditional prepay processes.

+ Geospatial Tax Identification

Geospatial Tax Identification is a tool that obtains information directly from local taxing authorities and uses the precise geographic coordinates of an employee’s residence and work address to accurately depict the local taxes that apply for that particular employee.

AcroTime HR [ Learn more ]

+ Support for the entire employment cycle

Track applicants through the interview process and ensure you start new employees off on the right foot with onboarding checklists. Manage existing employees better by tracking their skills development/training and by streamlining your performance appraisal process. Maintain salary histories, manage pay grades and easily conduct salary surveys. Ensure company progressive disciplinary procedures are followed and documented. Termination checklists ensure no steps are overlooked when an employee leaves.

+ Legal compliance

Compliance is a breeze with reports for new hires, Equal Employment Opportunity, and Vets 100. Built-in workflows for filing forms such as I-9s and W-4s make the submission process faster. All data is stored online and can be accessed and printed when needed.

+ Organizational Support

Easily maintain an up-to-date employee directory and organizational chart. You can use it to track company assets, including vehicles. You can even add custom fields and screens, allowing you to track any additional information you need to better manage your business and your workforce. You can easily create reports or export data to Excel, PDF, or other formats.

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Data Collection Options for Time & Attendance

The simplest way to get started collecting employee time data is via the Web. Employees simply log in to a special page using their Web browser and they can clock in and out in seconds.

But your employees aren't limited to clocking in using a web browser. AcroTime Standard and AcroTime Platinum both also support badge terminals (proximity, magnetic-stripe or barcode) and biometric terminals (fingerprint scan or hand-geometry) and offer smartphone app access (Android or iPhone) and a telephony option, allowing employees to clock in and out over the phone.

You can even mix-and-match data collection methods on a single system. Install biometric and/or badge terminals, use web-punch, mobile apps or telephony or any combination. It's your choice.

Click here to vist the AcroTime website and learn more about your terminal options.

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