ARES Guard Tour Systems

ARES Guard Tour Systems

Portable Rounds Tracker Systems

  • Lightweight, pocket-sized recorder unit

  • Weatherproof, rugged casing

  • Expandable

  • Accountable

ARES V and ARES V Express Overview

These lightweight yet durable tracking systems ensure your personnel are making their rounds as scheduled. It's so easy — simply touch the handy M8000 recorder to the recording station "iButton" and it records the location, date, and time.

ARES V Express offers easy rounds tracking at a value-conscious price. Ideal for guards and other security personnel, hospital or nursing home staff, cleaning crews — any situation where you need to be able to verify when your personnel have visited specific locations.

The advanced ARES V system offers all the advantages of the ARES Express, plus incident tracking. With ARES V, your personnel can use a handy optional incident pad to record more information about conditions they encounter while completing their rounds.

Features & Benefits

Small and lightweight:
The featherweight M8000 recorder weighs in at less than six ounces. At less than four inches long and less than two inches wide, this unit fits easily into the palm of your hand or your pocket.
Although lightweight and easy to carry, the M8000 recorder is no pushover. This tough customer is made of sturdy reinforced Lexan® polycarbonate that shrugs off rain, mud, grease and dust.
Additional M8000 recorders, iButtons and mounts are available so you can expand your system to fit your needs.
Quick and easy data downloads:
Easily produce detailed guard tour reports by downloading data from the M8000 to a PC with the included USB download cradle and Windows-based software. A full download takes only about three minutes. And you can export the data to Microsoft Excel or other databases.
Incident code option:
Optional incident pad (available with ARES V) allows you to program up to 9,999 incident codes to capture detailed information about the conditions at each station.

Both ARES systems include everything you need to get started:

ARES V Express

  • Windows-based software and user manual on CD.
  • M8000 recorder with carrying case.
  • USB docking station.
  • Five recording station iButton mounts.
  • Five iButton DS1990A-F5 recording station buttons.


  • Windows-based software and user manual on CD.
  • M8000 recorder with carrying case.
  • USB docking station.
  • Two supervisor keys.
  • Ten recording station iButton mounts.
  • Ten iButton DS1990A-F5 recording station buttons.
  • Optional incident tracking (with purchase of incident pad, available separately)

M8000 Recorder Specifications

  • Weighs less than 6 ounces.
  • Dimensions: less than 4 inches long and less than 2 inches wide.
  • Casing: reinforced Lexan® polycarbonate.
  • Holds up to 4,000 transactions.
  • Powered by 3 AAA alkaline batteries — approximate life of one year (or 500,000 transactions).
  • Recommended operating temperature range: between -40°F (-40°C) and +185°F (+85°C)

System Requirements for ARES Software

  • PC hardware sufficient to meet the supported operating system minimum
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit), Windows 10
  • The software can display in either English or Spanish.
Shopping cart contents:

Order ARES Guard Tour Systems and Accessories

ARES V Guard Tour System $715.00

ARES V Express Guard Tour System $510.00

ID/Supervisor iButton key fobs, 5 pack $51.50

iButtons & Recording Station Mounts, 10 pack $89.95

Incident Pad (ARES IV and V) $180.00

M8000 Recorder only - no software (ARES V) $399.00


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