Model BP125 Time Clock

Model BP125 Time Clock

Reliable battery-operated time clocks

  • Available with three power options for areas where AC power is unreliable or unavailable.

  • Lifetime typewheel guarantee.

  • Automatic ribbon feed and reverse.

  • Variety of typewheel options.

Model BP125 Overview

The Acroprint BP125 is a battery-powered time recorder designed for locations where AC power is unreliable or unavailable. Except for the power options it is functionally equivalent with the Acroprint Model 125 time recorder.

The side-print Model BP125 battery powered time recorder accepts most common time cards and standard business documents. A push bar located on top of the clock activates a sturdy spring print mechanism for instant registrations. This heavy-duty model comes with a large, easy-to-read analog clock face and a durable case.

Model BP125 time clocks offer a variety of typewheel configurations, suitable for time and attendance tracking, job costing, time and date recording and many other business applications.

These rugged and reliable clocks come with a lifetime guarantee on the typewheel, and a one-year guarantee on other parts.

Features & Benefits

Three power options
Choose from battery-operated, AC power with rechargeable battery backup, and 12VDC powered. The BP125 allows you to accurately record time almost anywhere, even where power is unreliable or unavailable. The clock issues you a warning beep when battery power runs low, and features a warning light to indicate if batteries are incorrectly installed.
Multiple typewheel configurations
Choose from a number of standard right-hand print configurations including day of week or month-and-date, hours, and minutes or decimal hundredths. These versatile time recorders can also be built with a variety of alternative typewheel configurations including left-hand printing, Spanish month wheel and/or a symbol wheel. These clocks are suitable for a variety of business applications, including standard time and attendance, job costing, document tracking and more.
Economical to operate
These clocks feature an automatic ribbon feed and reverse to insure long ribbon life. No need for special time cards, either the Model BP125 accommodates most standard time cards and other business documents.

Available Power Options

  • Model BP125-6 powered by four (4) standard alkaline "D" cells (batteries not included). Ideal for areas with no AC power or for mobile operation.

  • Model BP125-R6 powered by 125VAC/60Hz. Will operate for several days on four (4) standard rechargeable "D" cells (included) even when the electricity is off. Batteries automatically recharge when power is restored. Excellent for areas where AC power is unreliable.

  • Model BP125-12 powered by 12VDC (battery and wiring harness not included). Perfect for mobile operation using power from a car or truck battery.

For optimum battery life, use the BP125 at temperatures between 40°F and 110°F. Operation at lower temperatures may shorten battery life. Made in the USA.

Made in the USA
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Model 125/150 keys $10.00

Ribbon: 125/150 Blue $14.00

Ribbon: 125/150 Red $14.00

Ribbon: 125/150 Red/Blue $16.00

Ribbon: 125/150 Black $14.00

Time Card Rack: 25 Pocket, Expanding $32.00

Time Card Rack: 25 Pocket, Style 175 $40.00

Time Cards: Bi-Weekly (box of 1,000) $46.00

Time Cards: Semi-monthly/Monthly $46.00

Time Cards: Weekly (box of 1,000) $46.00


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